Golden websites in Tashkent

Every year the market is more and more saturated with the quantity of goods and various types of services. At the same time, the quality of goods and services offered by leading manufacturers and entrepreneurs is practically striving to balance. The main objective is to develop effective methods for attracting customers and new business partners. The Golden Site project is one of the methods for effectively attracting an audience to your business product.

There are several types of Golden Sites:

1- sites with the name WWW. keyword business.UZ. For example -

2- Sites with easy to remember names. For example -

3- Sites with popular names. For example

Advantages of the Golden Site:

1- Easy to remember name, in which users always remember even when they lose contacts

2- A name that will give priority over competitors in search engines

3- It will always be possible to resell to a competitor as a well-developed business project with its customer base with an amount in excess of the cost of it.

Promotion of goods on the market is not easy and costly, and many entrepreneurs “lose ground” along this path, difficulties scare away newcomers. In fact, to bring a new product to the market and in the shortest possible time to ensure that it occupies a leading position is a completely feasible task. But this requires a well-developed strategy and the use of effective methods of promoting goods on the market.

We will help you in promoting your business through an integrated approach:

1- Development of the “Golden Site”

2- Linking the site to the search engines GOOGLE and YANDEX

3- SEO optimization and getting into the top twenty, then into the top ten, top five and top three in the search engine.

4- Application of leverage of SMM methods for promotion and attracting new customers

5- There is a team of designers and a printing structure in branding and manufacturing of printing products.

6- We also create videos in the complex and can organize a media campaign to promote your business.