Social Media Marketing (SMM) in tashkent

Social media marketing (Eng. Social Media Marketing, SMM) is a full-fledged marketing, and not only promotion through various social platforms Social Management is part of a marketing and communication strategy.

This is a set of measures for using social media as channels for promoting companies or a brand and solving other business problems. Marketing in the abbreviation is not an exact word, since it means promotion, which is part of the marketing mix. That is, a more accurate name is promotion in social networks from the English. Social media promotion (SMP). In a simple way, this is communication with a future consumer through social networks.

The main emphasis is on creating a message (text or visual) that people will distribute through social networks on their own, already without the participation of the organizer. It is believed that messages transmitted over social networks cause more confidence among potential consumers of a product or service. This is due to the recommended distribution scheme in social media due to the social connections that underlie the interaction.

Promotion in social networks allows you to specifically target the target audience, choose sites where this audience is more represented, and the most suitable ways to communicate with it, while least affecting people who are not interested in this advertisement.

It is important to note that promotion in social networks is applied not only to goods and services. Actively use this technology media. They create their accounts on social networks, post their content and thereby collect subscribers (readers of their product).

The main objectives of social media marketing are considered branding (brand promotion), increasing audience loyalty and fame, PR and increasing traffic to sites of various companies.

SMM tools include blogging on social networks, informational messages in various communities, chatting in comments, working with forums, hidden marketing, direct advertising and viral marketing, monitoring the positive and negative background, optimizing the media space.